Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lobster Apocalypse Now!

If looks could kill...

And now, the end is near, it's time to face the final curtain (well, the opening night, actually). 
 The Lobsters have had their make over; Paige is sharpening her tongue; Lars is practising his best sardonic smile in the mirror; Wynne has painted her nails purple to remind her of the unmentionables hanging in her gallery; Hal is hoping that Paige doesn't mention his ex; Sian is having a last minute fag before meeting Hal's awful friends and the waiter.....what exactly he is up to? No-one knows but we are all about to find out.

Paige has prepared an interesting menu that is charged with symbolism and contains the contents of her bin. Will the guests appreciate her efforts or will they move straight on to the entertainment; ripping each other to shreds...
How ever the evening ends, you can rely on Paige to follow Sinatra's lead, and do it her way.
The table is set for a top notch dinner party and you've all been invited, you lucky people!  Get your tickets for Dinner here.
If you are local to Goudhurst you can get tickets at Burgess Stores or should you feel impetuous, just rock up on the night for tickets and hope to get lucky (but there are no guarantees).

This amateur production of dinner is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd