Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Lobster

I'm inviting you all to dip a toe in and test the water...but first I'm introducing Larry, the stunt lobster. Paige serves him up as a part of her dish, Apocalypse of Lobster, during Dinner and this leads to a right old kerfuffle. Rest assured that Larry had his handler with him at all times during this photoshoot.
Surely, it's standard practice to bathe with ones lobster in Goudhurst?

If you have never seen a piece of local am dram theatre, then now is the time to pop your cherry and take the plunge.
I love going up to London to see a musical or a play but it can be ever-so pricey. The cost of tickets in the West End can be prohibitive and then you need to factor in the cost of travel and supper.

That's the marvellous thing about seeing local amateur theatre productions; they give great VFM! For around a tenner you can see something on your door step without having to get the last train home. You also get a warm fuzzy feeling inside because you've supported your local community.  For an enhanced experience, nip into your local first for a pint of gin before strolling over to the village hall, hurrah!

We've all become a little bit enslaved to Mistress Netflix and her tempting boxsets, haven't we?  How about sending her packing for one evening and supporting your local theatre group? Prise yourself from her vice like grip and take a walk on the wild side of local theatre.

All local theatre-going virgins and seasoned pros can buy tickets here; we promise to be gentle with you.

Tickets for Dinner