Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Waiter

Introducing our mysterious waiter. He's looking very James Bond here; 007 licensed to serve alcohol.
He's the strong silent type and an essential element for the success of Paige's dinner party from hell.

He's a man of experience and very diligent; never shaken and rarely stirred. Paige is keeping him on his toes with her constant demand for drinks.

Vital Stats
Name: Unknown
Favourite book: Unknown
Favourite drink: Unknown
Favourite word: Unknown
Secrets: Wait and see...

This is the final member of the cast of Dinner. If you have been tempted to come join me for Dinner you can buy tickets here. I would like to apologise for the gratuitous picture of Daniel Craig...but I'm not. Here's another one for no reason whatsoever

This amateur production of dinner is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd