Monday, 27 March 2017

The Newsbabe

Meet Sian,the news reader: she's not just a pretty face but an intelligent, articulate journalist with a little bit of a potty mouth.  
Angela Rippon might have had the legs but our Sian has just won 'rear of the year'. (Better not mention it though, it's a touchy subject...).

You can forget 50 ways to leave your lover; Sian knows at least 60 ways to murder him first.  Her husband, Hal, might want to remember that and stop introducing her as a 'newsbabe', because as a husband he just doesn't shape up.

Vital Stats

Name: Sian
Favourite food: Lobster with HP sauce
Favourite author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Favourite art form: Graffiti on toilet doors
Favourite Word: All the swear words %$£&**!
Secrets: Just a teeny weeny one....

Don't forget that you can buy your tickets for Dinner here. This play is a black comedy and bit on the sweary side, so not for  sensitive flowers.

This amateur production of dinner is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd