Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Van Driver

Meet Mike,the uninvited guest at Dinner. He's just crashed his van into Paige's gate post and needs a tow truck; so she invites him to stay for a drink and a bit more besides. 

Mike is a man of mystery with a penchant for telling enormous fibs, just for the hell of it. Is his van full of swag looted from the neighbours or is it just full of profiteroles?

He's ex-army and knows how to handle himself but did he actually kill a librarian, as Wynne believes?!  Whoever he really is, he sees a kindred spirit in Paige; the working class professional killer and the 'posh bitch'.

Vital Stats

Name: Mike
Previous employer: Mr Kipling
Favourite murder weapon: Liquidiser
Favourite food: Contents of Paige's bin
Favourite book genre: Aliens built the Pyramids
Secrets: A shed load

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This amateur production of dinner is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd